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Year 2015 is the time of smart technology i.e. smart phone, tablets and easy to carry other internet enabled gadgets i.e. palmtop/ laptops. All these devices are internet enabled that’s why responsive web design is no longer an option but it is the requirement.

Few eye catching facts why we need responsive web design -

Mobile Usage - Use of mobile and laptops surpass the usage of desktop for the first time in the history of 2014 in the world wide. As per one report global mobile phone data usage have been increased by 80 % from 2013 t0 2014.

Recommended by Google - Google share 67 % of search engine market share. According to one report by Google around 77 % of people use Mobile phone to do any search. Responsive Web Design is recommended because sites have same URL and same HTML, irrespective of device, which makes Google more reliable to organize content. As a website design and development company, we are aware of this nuance and our websites are created to be mobile responsive by default.

User Experience - As the competition is increasing day by day, it is of utmost importance to develop user friendly web design. As people start shifting from desktop to tablets and mobile phones, we should also strive to make the lives of our user easier by offering what they desire. As if user is not delight with the website experience, it will not return to you again. As an ecommerce development service provider, we take special care of the user interfaces for complicated websites that aims to sell products and services, so that you can build an army of loyal buyers and thus boost profit.

Device Fragmentation - When website designs were not responsive, companies used to create mobile versions of websites. Now a days we have almost countless types of Android devices with different screen size and resolutions, it is quite impossible to create mobile version for every device. That’s why 1 website for all using responsive web design.

Multi Screen World – Now days we all are surrounded by electronic devices and gadgets of different shapes and sizes. Sometime, work start on mobile phone and ends on PCs or vice versa. To assist our user with same delightful experience across all devices responsive web design is required.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Google official announced that preference will be given to that website which is Mobile Friendly. That what simply means if you want to achieve good score online, you need to have a responsive website! As a premier company of web development in India, we are a champion of SEO techniques that can help your website gain traffic in no time.

Easier to Manage - If you are having separate website for desktop and mobile, which what means you need to put double effort to do the SEO Campaigns. Managing one responsive website and one SEO campaign is quite easier.

Reach to Audience - Your reach to audience will be increased almost twice if you are using Responsive web design. Probably your target customer is available on Mobile but not on desktop. Add to that some investment in low cost mobile application development which is also our forte, you get a definite edge over your competitors.

Blogging and Social Activities Bring Mobile Visitors - If you are among those inbound marketers and wish to promote your website on Social Media, building mobile phone traffic should be a key strategy as per one study 55 % of Social Media traffic comes from Mobile phone device. That simply means if you promote inbound link and you do not have responsive website, you will face very low conversion rate and it will frustrate your audience.

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Website design isn’t something you want to cheap out on. After all, a good design will encourage users to interact with your site and keep them coming back. At the same time, development costs must be kept in-check or they will overwhelm your budget. Here’s how to cut costs where it counts without sacrificing quality.

Come to the designer with a conceptual drawing

One of the best ways to keep your costs down is to come to the designer with a conceptual drawing of how you want your site laid out. If you’re good with a pen or pencil, you might even have the entire design worked out.

If you’re not much of an artist, you can still block out your site so that the designer has a rough idea of what you want. For example, build an outline of where you want the main content blocks to be, whether you want sidebars and, if so, what you want in those sidebars.

You can also lay out the navigation menu, how you want it to work, and what types of pages you want on the site as well as how large you want the header to be. But if you are not good at these, before approaching a website development company, take someone’s help.

Separate the host from the designer

There’s a growing trend right now to combine web development with an in-house hosting plan. Usually, it’s done by larger design firms that also provide software development service as a part of their portfolio of services. The way it works is that you have a designer design the site and then another department takes care of the hosting.

On the hosting side of things, the company just white labels an already-established hosting provider. Why would you ever do this? Well, sometimes, the design is sold at a loss (loss leader) and then made up on the hosting side of the business. 

This is where things get hairy. You’ll pay less for the upfront design, but more for the hosting over the long-term. The company justifies this usually by advertising ongoing maintenance of the site and more personalized service on the hosting side.

You might initially pay more, but you’ll pay less when you take into account the cost for hosting.

Have Your Content Ready Before Design Starts

If you’re having someone build you a largely static website, then have your entire content ready before the design begins. That way, the designers can design around the content, instead of having to figure out how to make the content fit into the design. This becomes especially important when the site has borders or some other design element that might clash with the length or intended layout of your content.

Identify how you want visitors to interact with your site

Do you want people to come to your site to watch videos? What about reading long blog posts? You must identify why people come to your site. That lets designers figure out the best way to design it. If you have a static site, it’s going to be very simple to design. If you have a dynamic one, that’s going to be more expensive. The same is true before hiring a company for mobile app development service. The mobile app users will not have a large screen and therefore, design is extremely vital to keep them engaged.

Do not work with designers bidding for price

One of the biggest misconceptions about web design is that you should hire the cheapest designer. Designers that work on price are not incentivized by money to do a good job. So, what are they incentivized by?

If your designer isn’t getting fair compensation, he’s going to cut corners – even when he agrees to the bid. The more strains you place on him after the price is agreed upon gives him more incentive to do a shoddy job. After all, no one works for free. Even when the job is complete, you might need to fix something that never worked right to begin with and that will tend to cost more than if the job had been done right the first time. That’s the truism of the old saying, “price buyers are twice buyers.”

There are very few companies that speak so candidly about the loopholes and have the real intention to benefit their clients. There is one, indeed, that we know of – GOIGI, A premier web designing company in Durgapur, India. 

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Key elements to keep in mind before choosing a website design and Development Company

Web development is developing quickly and each one is rushing to get a site. Be that as it may, simply invest a few minutes before spending dollars to hire a website design and development company. A site portrays the identity of an organization that should be qualified to make a decent impression on the viewers. Just an intelligent composed and designed site can help you to pull in and holds you’re focused on clients.

Key elements of an intelligent design & developed website:

 A site when conceptualized must verify that it has all that it takes to get the guests stick to & come back to it. Your Website is your wellspring of data over net, so the better the data you have displayed on your webpage relating to your subject, the more activity you are conceivable to create. At the end of the day, verify that your site offers and presentations the whole premise prerequisite required by a guest to stick and come back to your site.

Steady updating

To bring more movement and returning guest it is vital to continue overhauling and redesigning your items and helpful substance of the site. Keeping up a model and exact substance, particularly the item data will permit your guests to have the most recent data and upgrades about the administrations or items you offer. This would help you & your site expand movement manifolds. In any case it is constantly suggested that on the off chance that you oblige general redesigns in your site it is ideal to have dynamic site through which you can undoubtedly include/erase or change any data online without the need of any software expert. Dynamic sites are the best and mainstream, on the grounds that in this you have all the adaptability to change the substance/pictures/cost at the site. You can without much of a stretch transfer data you could call your own, ideally through secret word ensured regulatory interfaces which are engaged by element sites. Consequently constant changes or up-degrees should effectively be possible through a dynamic site without drawing closer a site outline organization.

Contact Details

Staying up with the latest contact points of interest including physical location and email of the website design and development company makes a bona fide impact on guests. On the off chance that a guest requires any particular data which is not indicated on your site then they may get in touch with you through this.

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Examine the fundamental features of a website design and development organization

This generation has led to the advent of new technologies and innovations; the principle among them is internet. Websites has turned up as the most effective and quick means of accessing information regarding a specific field. The entrepreneurs and technical individuals can explore ample number of opportunities available on internet to earn cash. This has given rise to large number of blogs and websites spread across the world. Websites are updated very often in connection with a particular domain that displays information regarding that site. In some of the events, the users can hunt for their desired data through these websites in the quickest ever time possible. In this manner, the matter of planning and creating sites has picked up energy, as it were, with large number of business individuals investing cash in this field. Right now, numerous website design and development company are operational in the business sector and numerous more are yet to come.

Customers spot orders for diverse sorts of sites like profile destinations, organization locales, news destinations, data destinations, feature locales, social locales and utility destinations and so on. Each site is produced with diverse topic and distinctive instrument. Some are made in PHP, some in HTML, some in CSS while most in WordPress.

 WordPress is in the business nowadays on account of its high configurability and user friendly environment. Most customers want to get their site grew in WordPress on the grounds that they realize that they can without much of a stretch redesign, oversee and handle site locales effortlessly independent from anyone else thereafter.

Sites outlining incorporate some activity and realistic works. There are additionally two methods for doing this. One is to make up a whole outline and subject from zero and the other is to purchase a readied topic and afterward alter it as indicated by requirements. The second stage which we call creating incorporates the specialized things like coding and programming.

Some web organizations just give planning and advancement offices while some go a mile ahead to offer space and facilitating administrations too to their customers. So you can pick any of the two sorts according to your needs. The IT market is overflowed with site producers, however all are not up to the imprint and all don't comprehend the details of the business. So while going to have your site, dependably verify that you get some opportune individual. This will make your work great and intriguing alongside sparing your time and expense as it were.

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Explore the evolution process of software development

The general individual cooperates with an astonishing measure of programming for a considerable length of time a day.

The way of making programming experiences that outcome in such extensive client selection and engagement rests with the procedures, techniques and approaches used to develop. With respect to Technopedia, the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is a procedure undertaken by an advancement group inside of a product association that characterizes errands performed at every progression in the product creation process.

It is a structure and a system that comprises of a comprehensive philosophy portraying how to make, keep up, upgrade and supplant particular programming. The lifecycle characterizes an arrangement for enhancing programming quality and also the general advancement process. In spite of the fact that SDLC or SDL is named a Software Development Lifecycle, it regularly gets misunderstood for another SDLC, System Development Lifecycle. This lifecycle is a superset of the product life cycle and is a much more extensive part of the advancement stage covering both programming and equipment prerequisites.

The SDLC is likewise regularly mistaken for the Project Life Cycle (PLC) which embodies the start of venture arranging and additionally administration of execution and conveyance. The SDLC falls in the execution piece of the more extensive PLC.

Necessities gathering and analysis

This is the examination and necessities social event period of the task and the most critical piece of programming advancement. There can be numerous emphases of this stage however the most imperative sorts of investigation can come down to three territories.

The main being natural investigation where capacities, procedures and information models are broke down. Second is the customer level natural investigation which concentrates on the capacities and procedures at the customer side. The third part envelops application level investigation and is thought to be the most itemized.

Amid this stage an introductory appraisal of the venture is led and an attainability study is done (frequently a sub-stage called feasibility analysis) by the most experienced programming experts in the association. The software and application development company scrutinizes all fields in connection with software development lifecycle and generates the much desired result.

A point by point plan is then illustrated for all engineers, creators, venture supervisors and analyzers included with the undertaking. This stage includes broad exploration with info from both the association and its customer.


The following step is the configuration stage that portrays how the proposed arrangement (distinguished in the investigation stage) ought to be outlined. Framework investigators change over the information model settled upon in the examination stage into a consistent configuration. This happens by decomposing the data into legitimate pieces and after that changing over it into a physical configuration arrangement that is particular to and put away in the framework's specialized surroundings.


Visual plan likewise happens in this stage. Adjusting useful necessities to a satisfying and natural interface outline is discriminating to the achievement of the application. Frame and capacity must adjust flawlessly for a genuinely impactful configuration.

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Examine the accounting website design and development

If you are considering distinctive approaches to enhance your site traffic by guaranteeing an alluring accounting site for your e-trade, then you must select an accomplished web designing organization to get your site planned in a professional manner. Peruse the article to get more information on the subject.

Web technology has changed the way that individuals survive these days. Today our lives rotate around this innovation for each need. Presently in the event that you plan to set up another business then getting an accounting site intended for your e-trade is likewise fundamental. Numerous online difficulties are met with pragmatic arrangements on the off chance that you get an all around planned accounting site for your e-business. You can create great income from a brilliant web improvement process, as it uncovers an upgraded piece of your online business.

Strategic arranging with respect to the necessities of the organization and its business is essential for performing an effective site design and advancement. Proper assessment of database setup and web hosting prerequisites is contemplated when making a practical configuration. After this the site of that specific accounting organization is dispatched with different inventive graphic designs that characterize the best internet marketing capabilities.

With a specific end goal to get your site made and created, you must contract an expert site planning administration that utilizes master web architects and SEO specialists. You can scan on the web for different site configuration and improvement administration suppliers who can help you manufacture your online expert corner. Verified public accountants and tax consultants can anticipate quality work from just master bookkeeping site engineers on the grounds that just they know the fundamentals of these site advancements separated from its planning and improvement. They think about the contender's sites and systems to give you with a USP to your bookkeeping site.

A properly outlined and created bookkeeping site can draw in the clients and clients with their more straightforward applications and itemized data in regards to the records, charge viewpoints and dealings. There are various interfaces such as payment gateway integration and merchants account available on internet to acknowledge all customer installments are some of the included components of a decent and enthralling site. A decent software and application development company provides the fundamental requirements for developing an accounting website.

Thus, begin your accounting firm on an incredible note by getting a significant and appealing site planned by capable web creators and qualified web engineers. This will guarantee high movement to your site consequently making it famous among your potential customers and making your firm flourish with great looking benefits.

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All that you really need to know about getting a job at GOIGI

Do you want to know what unique recruitment practice we follow to hire the best available talents? Sure you do! Ok, so without wasting any further time, let us take you through the process of recruiting techies – the most important asset of our company.

Our specializations

To understand the process, you need to know the areas on which we work. They are:

  • Website design
  • UI design, logo and graphics design
  • Website development
  • Ecommerce development
  • Mobile application development
  • Digital marketing, and that includes SEO, SMO, SMM and other key components
  • Content writing, copy writing

What else?

The list is not exhaustive, but enough to give a head-start. As you can see, we cover a lot of ground and we need a diverse team to meet the entire requirement. Besides, there are other teams as well for marketing, operations management, human resource management, computer networking specialists and accountants. Together, we form a team that rocks.

What’s in this blog?

Also, in this blog post you are about to read the reason behind our low attrition rate. We are proud to declare that we have the lowest attrition rate among the ITES companies in this region, something that we have achieved mainly due to our employee friendly policies. So, without any further delay, let us show you how exactly we recruit our people.

A general tactic

As a general rule, we recruit people with experience only. We do this mainly because we want to provide top-notch service to our customers and we want our people to be accountable for the projects assigned to them. With experienced professionals, it is easy for us to increase the productivity of our team, because they are matured and adds value to the processes.

Why the ‘No fresher’ board?

Also, we have adopted the strategy of cutting our expenses in training fresh candidates, mainly because we cannot afford that luxury to keep someone on our payroll who is not productive right from the start. It’s an honest confession but then, we are really honest people. No hard feelings, fellas! When we will be strong enough to accommodate fresh candidates, we will surely do so.

Who is/are exempted?

However, there is an exception to this rule. If any candidate, straight of their college, displays very high levels of competence or can prove that he/she has undergone professional level training programs in his/her chosen domain or have done an internship, we might consider them on a case to case basis.

The safety measure

But we keep them on probation in the initial days, because you know, it’s really hard to keep a tab on the real intentions of really smart people when they are so young and often, fickle-minded too, regarding the choices they make. This is a key policy from our end for keeping the attrition rate low.

The short-listing procedure

The areas that need coding skills are web design, development, UI design, ecommerce development, app development and SEO, to some extent. We have very experienced and competent people in each of these departments and we have entrusted the responsibility of interviewing suitable candidates. We screen CVs based on intelligent algorithms to match the key skills of a candidate with that of our specific requirements.

The different stages

It’s a good approach – a techie to a techie, no bullshit, no loose ends! Usually, the process consists of four levels – written aptitude test, hands-on coding test, vis-a-vis technical interview and finally the HR interview. This is the general format for almost all technical roles. One thing we must mention – we don’t take anyone’s word for granted.

Skills we value

If a candidate claims that he/she has skills in PHP, WordPress, Zoomla, Magento, HTML 5, CSS 3, Adobe Creative Suite, SEO or anything else, we will put him under rigorous tests and if necessary, let him/contribute to live projects in order to gauze the difference he/she can make. Historically, we are a web design company with recent focus on low cost web development solutions. Therefore, we also seek two qualities in the candidates – an artistic eye and a keen business sense. When we are satisfied, we offer the candidate extremely attractive compensation which is sometimes above the industry standards for exceptionally brilliant candidates.